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Praise & Worship


Praise & Worship Leader

The purpose of the music and worship ministry of ALC is to glorify God through excellence in worship and through nurturing a culture of worship within our church.


Worship at ALC is characterized by energy and passion, freedom and intensity.  We desire to be a church that is comfortable praising God with joyful clapping and hands raised high while also being able to experience still and quiet moments of reverence and awe.  We serve a creative God who deserves our creativity.  Our band features singers and musicans with a variety of backgrounds.  Modern praise songs and  hymns take on a different flavor in our band that we hope represents the diverse congregation. 


Join us for worship and experience it yourself.  We'd love to see you!


Blanketing the city with the love of God

Dr. Johnnie F. Davis

Five Fold Founder and Host

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