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                             DEBRA OWUSU-DUKU

                             L.O.V.E.  &  D.O.V.E. Leader



                           L.O.V.E. a ministry open to all females ages 18 and above. It is where the women come together to discuss issues dealing with living a lifestyle pleasing to God, training to be leaders of light in a dark world, daughters of prayer, and wise women who respect and promote spiritual order within and outside the ministry. We are a cohesive group and many are nucleus members. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve in such a capacity and invite all women in our ministry to help us, “Blanket the women of this city with the Love of God.”



ALC'S younger ladies, D.O.V.E. enagage in planned activities to keep our younger group happy, healthy, and spirtual leaders within their peers.  As a minstry of young ladies, we assist in the general housekeeping activities of the ministry.  We are also involved in serving and assisting with childcare needs.






















Ladies of Vision and Excellence   &

Daughters of Vision and Excellence

Pastoral Aid Ministry


P.A.M. Leader

                        P.A.M. is only one part of the body of Agape Love Center.  Our part is to aid the house and assist our man of God with our faithfulness, loyalty and servant's heart.  We stand in agreement with the vision of the house through intercession and great watchfulness.  As committed servants we walk in unquestionable obedience, while serving behind the scenes.



Blanketing the city with the love of God

Dr. Johnnie F. Davis

Five Fold Founder and Host

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